Catherine Lu

About Me

Hi there! I'm Catherine. I graduated in June 2014 with my bachelor's in computer science from Stanford (specializing in biocomputation), and I'll be graduating soon with my master's in computer science (specializing in AI).

I've worked 2x at Google, first as a software engineer and then as an associate product manager. Last summer, I worked on Scoryst (see details below) through the Pejman Mar program (read about it in Fortune).

I like to work on impactful projects, and I'm particularly interested in learning more about traditional non-tech industries. Contact me if you want to chat!

Selected Work

Fancy That Fancy That is a bidding platform for consumers and a pricing strategist for retailers. It includes a consumer iOS app, consumer web app, and retailer web analytics portal.
Scoryst Scoryst is an online platform for homework and exam grading; it saves instructors time and gives detailed feedback to students. Scoryst has been used in 30+ courses and has graded 10,000+ submissions.
Free Food @ Stanford Free Food @ Stanford lists events going on around Stanford that provide free food. Using a Multinomial Naive Bayes classifier, it finds emails from relevant mailing lists which announce events with free food. Then, it parses the location, date, time, and content from the emails and posts them online.
Recognition of Online Handwritten Mathematical Expressions For the Principles of Artificial Intelligence final project, I created a system to change handwritten mathematical formulas and symbols into LaTeX. If you're curious, you can try it out.
The Walking Guild I was fortunate enough to get into Behavior Design for Better Health, BJ Fogg's 2012 behavior design class (read about his 2007 class featured in the New York Times). For the final project, I created a website that prompts users to think about how much they walk every day.